TopGun 2.4
The straight shooting text editor
High Velocity Software

Production Language Microsoft Assembler (MASM).
Description Pure ANSI text editor suitable for editing configuration files, programming languages, html and similar scripting languages where enbedded control characters cannot be used. File format saves with CR/LF (ascii 13,10) line termination.
OS Version Windows 2000 or later.
Accessories. TopGun is supplied with a settings editor TGSET.EXE for directly patching changed settings into the editor.
Characteristics 1. Optimised for fast load and save.
2. Very large file capacity, > 10 megabytes, tested on > 50 megabytes.
3. Search and replace functions.
4. Fully drag and drop enabled.
5. Goto line number support.
6. File information dialog.
7. Time and Date insertion.
8. The application runs correctly on a hardware DEP enable Windows versions.
9. Advanced capacity on the "Selection" menu.
    (a). Upper and lower case block conversion and text reverse.
    (b). Advanced reformatting wordwrap text from external sources.
    (c). Ascending and descending sorting capacity of lines of text.
    (d). Block align left to "start again" on badly formatted text.
    (e). Strip HTML tags from text.
General Comments TopGun is a freestanding portable executable application written in Microsoft Assembler (MASM). It is a tool designed to be fast and is targetted at "savvy" users who need a fast text editor. It uses a "registry safe" design that neither reads or writes to the registry, it does not use any "side by side" DLLs and it needs no additional files to run by itself.

It is written using documented system DLL calls, components from the MASM32 Library and internal custom written code to provide all of its functionality.

TopGun has a specialised DLL interface that is used in its development so that extra capacity can be developed without modifying the original source file. It is not a simple interface and it is probably best suited to be written in MASM but if anyone has the need the DLL interface will be published again with a working example written in MASM.
Licence TopGun is licenced so that it can be used in a Commercial / Government environment as well as personally at no cost for the convenience of others. It should not be attached to any commercial software product and it is not to be sold under any circumstances. Please read the "User Licence" in the TopGun help file for the full licence conditions.
Warning Pure assembler software, not for the "faint of heart". :)
Changes in 2.4 1. The "help" file has been rewritten as a compiled HTML file (CHM) for later versions of Windows.
2. The fade in characteristic has been removed on startup for power users.
3. Various internal optimisations