Programming Tools
This is a miniature hex editor with a difference, it has both ascii and binary file open and save. It opens a binary file as a HEX dump which can be edited and commented, saved as an ascii file or rewritten as a binary file. Ideal for editing file headers. This one comes in at just under 20k.

Utility for programmers who need to recognise mnemonics from hex opcodes. If you know what it is used for, you are welcome to use this program. It is a tiny popup with a list of just under 900 hex opcodes and their mnemonic. This piece of bloatware occupies nearly 11k.
This tiny program is a tools menu extender for programming editors that can be configured to run external tools. If you need access at a large range of programming tools, this program can be configured to run the tools of your choice from a list that you configure yourself. This program hogs your disk space to the tune of nearly 16k.

DumpPE Version 1.23
Clive Turvey's freeware utility for dumping the header information of Portable Executable files with the option of dis-assembling the file into a text file. Version 1.23 is a 32 bit console mode application which will now dis-assemble KNI (Katmai New Instructions) and 3DNow! instructions. This is a very useful tool for programmers who are writing PE type executables or DLLs as it displays the import and export tables which is useful in making DLL calls. Check out Clive's home page for more well written tools.

Programmer's File Editor
This is the last release of Alan Phillip's excellent large capacity Programmers File Editor. Alan's site now advises that PFE will no longer be developed and the site is now closed to downloads. It has the capacity to open very large files up to the memory limit of your computer. It is a highly configurable, very stable and has more options that you can learn to use in a lifetime. This is one of the few programs that will load very large assembler dumps without problems

An old but still useful resource editor.

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