Selected 32 Bit
MASM Source Code
        cmp al, 0           ; get zero
        je SubLp           ; write to list
        jmp @B
        stosb              ; write terminator
        invoke SendMessage,hWnd,LB_ADDSTRING,0,ADDR ItemBuffer
        cmp al, 0           ; check for second zero
        je @F              ; exit if found
        mov edi, offset ItemBuffer ; reset to start of buffer
        stosb              ; write test byte to it
        jmp @B

This page contains selected 32 bit MASM source code from different authors and with a range of different techniques. Assembler can be written in many different ways and in many different styles and the selected source code reflects the diversity available in the field.

MASM can build EXE files in different ways that are not compatible with the techniques use in the MASM32 package, some use batch files, others use NMAKE "make" files, others still use environment variables to set the paths for the linker and the libraries and with larger projects, the assembler and linker used in 32 bit MASM can use seperate response files for a list of source files and prebuilt OBJ modules.

This page is a resource site for MASM programmers and some of the code may not be well suited for programmers who are learning to program in 32 bit assembler.   Author EliCZ
EliCZ is a university student from the Czech Republic who is studying chemistry, his work in MASM is very advanced and is an alternative to the standard "invoke" syntax. EliCZ's technique produces a different structure of a MASM executable file so that it does not use a jump table at the end of the assembled EXE file. It has a sophisticate system of macros to support the method that he uses. His URL is   Author Tyg-
Tyg- has contributed source code that implements the crypto API calls in a DLL. This one uses the library and include layout from MASM32 and it builds with a batch file. Tyg- has upgraded this source so it hashes/encrypts/decrypts. A very useful and clearly coded example.   Author TTom
TTom has contributed a nicely written set of procedures for manipulating the registry with MASM code. This code will build in MASM32. His URL is at   Author Jeremy Collake
Jeremy Collake is the author of PEcompact, an advanced executable compressor for 32 bit PE files written in assembler. He has made the source for the compression DLL available for download. This is very advanced code and shows a sophisticated approach to programming assembler in MASM. His URL can be reached from    Author The rudeboy
This is the source and binary for a dll which implements the md4 and md5 secure hash algorithms. This source is built with nmake.   Authors Ewald Snel & X-Calibre
This is the latest version of ddraw with its excellent file. It contains 2 plasma demos using direct draw and will build in MASM32. It comes with X-Calibre's tutorial on how it works.    Author Iczelion
This is Iczelion's source for a winsock prog that can open a remote zip file on a http server and download it. This source is built with nmake and uses the version of "" from MASM32. An archetypal winsock application for MASM programmers. His URL can be reached from    Author Ron Thomas
Ron is a retired chemist from the UK Atomic Energy Authority and his experience in programming goes back as far as IBM system 360 mainframes. Ron has prepared a collection of 32 bit MASM demos that have a strong emphasis on maths and GDI graphic display code which includes basic animation examples. This is a reference collection for the MASM programmer who is interested in GDI display graphics code. Ron's code is built using nmake. His URL for even more example code is   Author promethee
This example enumerates Direct Draw video modes and tests the mode on the computer that it is run on. It has been coded to build from both the MASM32 environment or from a makefile with the correct path variable set. It includes the DDRAW.INC written by Ewald Snel and X-Calibre. It is well written and compact code that builds at 4096 bytes.    Author BsE (0_o) Updated !!
BsE is a 17 year old student from Germany who has written a nice tidy little application that generates prime numbers and writes them to a text file in the same directory for future reference. People who work in encryption among other areas will appreciate the convenience of this application. It builds at 2560 bytes and is clean clear code. It builds in the MASM32 environment. This example has been updated and optimised by Mad Cow Upgrades with a little help from X-Calibre.   Author TTom
TTom has contributed another clever piece of code, it is a technique for creating custom captions on irregular shaped windows. There are 2 zip files contained in this first zip file, one is the code and example, the other is a HTML page that is good quality tutorial material. TTom's URL is   Author Raymond Filiatreault  New version added 16 November 2002.
Ray is a graduate in Chemistry whose experience extends back to the days of programs recorded on perforated tape. After having written code for TRS80 based machines in the 80s, Ray moved to PC based machines in 1990 and has written different types of software that took advantage of his maths background in a number of different ways. The installation program has Ray's mixed library of high precision fixed point that includes SQRT, TRIG and LOG functions as well. Check out his example code as well.

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