Quick Editor 3.5
Download qedit35.zip
Description Miniature programming editor (37k). A gimmick free low resource demand tool with a minimum memory footprint that will run on a 486 inVGA 16 Colour. Ideally suited for low resolution laptops that do not support graphics intensive resource hungry applications yet very fast on late model hardware. A single instance editor with multiple document handling capacity. It is genuinely fast to use and is designed for fast code production. Quick Editor is the default editor for the MASM32 project.
New Features 1. Improved multiple document handling while remaining a single instance editor.
2. User defined text selection with a supporting accessory to create the required character table.
Rejected Features Quick Editor does not and will not provide syntax colouring as many experienced programmers do not like it. Quick Editor is designed for writing precision code based on form and layout, not Technicolor.
OS Version Win95b and later. Highly backwards compatible, no DLL HELL and no side by side DLLs requiring the .NET framework.
Technical features (a). Scripting engine.
       Write and run scripts for code creation, templates and internal editor operations. Script syntax is published in the help file.
(b). Fully programmable menus.
       A powerful feature that allows the programmer to configure a wide number of tools to suit their programming style.
(c). Plugin DLL Interface.
       A DLL interface that allows the programmer to extend Quick Editor in whatever way they require with published specifications.
(d). Auto-indent.
       Smart logic Auto-Indent for fast code entry.
(e). Selected Block Indenting.
       Toolbar buttons for indenting blocks of selected code.
(f).  Compose and edit in HEX notation.
       A capacity for the true low level programmer. Compose in HEX notation and save the result as a binary file.
(g). User selected editor font.
       Program in the available font of your choice.
(h). Block logic text replacement.
       Replace in either selection or globally. Both normal replace and whole word replace that does not replace within quoted text.
       A capacity designed for programmers editing code.
(i).  Goto Line Number.
       Go directly to a line number for correcting errors in code.
(j).  More ...........
General Comments Quick Editor is a "registry safe" application that neither reads nor writes to the registry. It does not install any files into the operating system and does not  depend on any runtime DLLs. It is supplied with a number of dedicated DLLs that are loaded when needed and unloaded when they are finished. The editor will run without the dedicated DLLs if they are not present in the same directory.

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