Pentium Optimisation Manual

Copyright © 1996, 2000 by Agner Fog. Last modified 2000-07-03
This is the latest version of Agner Fog's Pentium Optimisation Manual. It has been converted to winhelp format with permission so that this reseach is available in a fast and convenient manner to assembler language programmers around the world. The range that it covers is very extensive and it demonstrates very advanced optimisation techniques.

This is an academically sound work of considerable scholarship that puts very high quality optimisation research within reach of assembler programmers. It has detailed information on instruction timings from early Pentium's to current versions, well described analysis of known problems when designing code for Pentium processors and some very fast algorithms as examples.

It has detailed information on Address Generation Interlock (AGI) problems, quantified pairing information for performance enhanced code design and a very comprehensive description of current Pentium architecture. An excellent pipeline overview is included in this research, techniques for avoiding both stalls and partial stalls, loop and branch design research with many tips on how to avoid known problems.

There is a chapter dealing with specific instructions that are problematic in performance terms and a chapter on special topics that effect performance in assembler code. If you are writing speed critical code, you cannot afford to be without research of this depth to maximise the performance of your code.

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